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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs of Pakistan Bikers
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Letter of invitation as a requirement for Pakistani Visa
It is a requirement of government of Pakistan that a letter of invitation needs to be provided in your visa application. Pakistan Bikers can assist in providing the Letter of invitation through its parent company Saiyah which is a registered Tour operator company with Department of Tourist Services with ID- 1147
Do I need a driver's license to ride a bike in Pakistan?
t is a legal requirement to have an international driver's license to ride a motorbike in Pakistan. We recommend arranging an international driver's permit for travel insurance. Please check with your insurance provider about their requirements.
Travel insurance
You must have your own international travel insurance with an adventure travel add-on.


What Kinds of bikes do we ride?
We use Suzuki GS150s, RX3 250s, and Honda Bros NXR 200; these bikes are the best for Northern Pakistan road conditions and are great fun to ride. Our bikes are constantly checked and maintained by our experienced staff members.
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What biking skills do I need and what are the roads conditions like?
Some of our trips involve a significant amount of off-road riding on unpaved, rough, dusty and rocky surfaces, and at times may require ice/snow and creek crossings. We assume that riders taking our tours or using our bikes on freedom trips are skilled bikers who are able to cope with such conditions.
Can I just hire a bike from you?
Yes, you can indeed! We provide a bike along with safety gears like helmet, gloves, elbow and knee protection gears.
Will you provide an orientation to me if it is a model I do not ride at home?
Once you check-in at our location one of our team members will provide a comprehensive orientation of your rental motorcycle. The orientation will include a thorough damage and safety inspection.


What to wear for the ride?
We will provide you with helmet and safety gears like elbow and knee guards. Some Riders prefer to bring their own helmets and safety gears
Do you have rain suits available for rent or purchase?
Rain suits can be purchased at most locations, though we do not rent them
Do you offer Jacket rentals?
Jacket rentals are available in both leather and textile. We also have jackets available for purchase.


Are children able to ride as passengers?
There are no seat belts available on any motorcycle model. If a passenger is under 18, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver
Do you have airport Pick-up service?
Yes, we do have Pick up services from the airport

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